Phydeau chasing bubblesPhydeau Augustus

was adopted from Dekalb County (GA) Animal Control on February 5, 2000, by my friend Detra. She was looking for her lost dog Molly, who had been missing for over a week. Thankfully, Molly was found safe the very next day, so Detra gave him to me. He was approximately two months old at the time, so we celebrate his birthday every December 5.

I named him Fido because I've never known an actual dog by that name, and I thought it was cool. But even as a puppy he was very dignified, so I used sophisticated spelling, and gave him a regal middle name, Augustus, which seemed to suit his temperment.

DCAC had him labeled as a Vizsla, a Hungarian hunting dog. However, as he's grown, it's become apparent that Phydeau has a good deal of Boxer in him.

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