Ginger found me on September 12, 2001, in Atlanta GA. As I showed up for work at 1 AM that day, she was laying on the front porch of the warehouse. She wore no collar, but was friendly and happy and apparently healthy, and stayed around until I was done working.

I first thought she had strayed away from a nearby animal hospital, but they had no record of her. So, I next suspected that she had slipped her collar and wandered away from one of the nearby residences. I printed up a bunch of "Dog Found" flyers, and Ginger and I spent the afternoon driving around putting them up. It was during this time that I discovered that she would easily get car sick.

Ginger on September 12, 2001I also checked with Animal Control and the Humane Society, but no one had called in looking for a dog fitting her description.

I took her home and introduced her to Phydeau, intending only to keep her until someone claimed her. As days went by and nobody called, I realized that she must have been dumped off at the Animal Hospital that night, and she found her way to the warehouse because people were there.

So Christy and I decided to keep her. We took her to the vet for shots and to be neutered. They figured that she was probably about a year old, so we celebrate her birthday every September 12.

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