Phydeau (Bellefonte, PA 2002-2003)

JT & Phydeau in the cornfield




Phydeau's Place  

Phydeau in the cornfieldPhydeau in the cornfield

Phydeau at Big RockPhydeau at Big Rock

Phydeau gets an Easter presentPhydeau gets an Easter present

How long do I have to wear these?Phydeau un bunny eards

Phydeau with a ballPlaying ball Phydeau pulls apart his ball

Looking for DarbyPhydeau looks for Darby

Watching at the windowPhydeau at the window

A squirrel at the windowLook at the squirrel!

Trying to find that squirrelLooking for a squirrel

Phydeau looks aroundWhere did it go?

Phydeau runsThe chase

Phydeau gets a groundhogPhydeau gets a groundhog Phydeau with groundhog

Phydeau restsAll worn out


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