Phydeau and Ginger (Bellefonte PA, 2003)

Ginger & Phydeau guard their toysSleeping with their toys




Phydeau's Place  

Keeping watch in the snowKeeping watch in the snow

We know there's a squirrel in here somewhere!Looking for the squirrel

No, it's mine!Tug 'o war

Candy cane earsCan we open our preesents now?

We promise we'll be good!Ginger & Phydeau at Christmas

Presents in the snowLook what I found!

Phydeaus chewing on his Christmas toysYum! Reindeer... Taking a big bite of reindeer

Ginger chews on SantaYum! Santa... Ginger opens her stocking

Best Christmas ever!

Is this all I get?


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